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A Guide to Chocolate

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This guide is a labour of Love. Because I love chocolate so much, I figured, it would be a disservice not to highlight where to get hot chocolate in my city and possibly my region so here goes:



They’re local and they make very amazing quality chocolate. I also love their customer service!! They make really smooth and delectable chocolate and cocoa products including cocoa nibs and husks. They recently opened up shop on Ngomng road at the Shell Kerarapon shopping centre and they still have some of the best customer service ever!


These guys are creative, and trendy and have very high-quality chocolate products. I’ve tried them quite a number of times and they have never disappointed me. They’re located in Kileleshwa in Nairobi and have a variety of products including energy balls made of dates and nuts and the most decadent and rich brownies.

Go to them for bomb hot chocolate bombs and hot chocolate stirrers. What’s more, is that you can custom order any of their products. Go on, surprise that special someone just because!

Photo Credits: Their FACEBOOK PAGE.

CHOKOLETI.KE by  Desserts Anyone Ke

They are Kenya’s premier Chocolate retailer and offer you the chance to experience luxury chocolate. They create some really amazing chocolate products and they also custom-make chocolate for gifting.

“We’ve conveniently ditched the tinned drinking chocolate trend and switched to what we like to call the ‘Stirring’ Hot Chocolate Spoons. Dip it in your warm milk (250 ml of it is just about right) and stir to get some sipping hot cocoa with the ACTUAL chocolate taste and feel. Try it once and you’ll never go back! You’re welcome 😉”


All photos courtesy of their facebook page

The flavors they offer include :-
🍫 Milk chocolate
🍫 Milk chocolate with peanut butter
🍫 Dark chocolate
🍫 Dark chocolate with Peppermint
🍫 Dark chocolate with cardamom.




The chocolate bar Kenya are by far my favorite hot cocoa brand. They guarantee Real Craft Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Made with Single Origin Uganda Chocolate. Comes in 3 beautiful flavors; Classic, Chai Tea & Peppermint!! They are also all Vegan. You can order online.  Because their hot choco also has an unsweetened variation, you can make your hot chocolate with your choice of sweetener. Be it regular sugar, honey, agave anything! A beautiful blend of dark roast single-origin Uganda. From tree to chocolate in Africa! Now available in store @the_village_market picture credits @patrickgitaufotografi

Did I also mention that if you visit their store at the village market, you can have a mug made fresh for you and that they have a festive hot choco mix too?!!

If you fancy a hot chocolate to warm you up, making one is quite simple. For a thick Italian-style hot chocolate, simmer 160ml of milk or any milk substitute in a pot. When it comes to a boil add in 6 tbsp of our hot cocoa fine ground cocoa mix (or whatever variation you have) and whisk until incorporated!! Serve hot! Enjoy!!! Picture Credits: @patrickgitaufotografi



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