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Devouring Books: The Havoc Of Choice By Wanjiru Koinange

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Ever thought of pairing your books with food or drink?
I’m a member of one of the best book clubs in Nairobi called @escapebookclubke and for July, we read The havoc of Choice by @shirokoinange.

This book was perfect for July as we got closer to election season in Kenya. It spelt out how we felt as a country and as youth. It reminded me that in 2007 we could have been better and done better by our country. This book brings out the story of love and loss. It intricately reminded me of that betrayal, corruption, and tension that made me feel heartbroken by my people. The themes of differences in class, post-colonialism, and the effects of colonization and corruption are strong in this book. We as a people walk around nuanced in that sense and no matter how hard we try to act like these things do not affect us and our thoughts and our wellbeing, when push comes to shove, we can be pretty ugly to one another.

It’s a reminder that we need to strive for and do better by our country and for our country. And I’d recommend it for every Kenyan better yet African.

A friend of mine said, “Havoc of choice shouts chaos, a calm but chaotic drink”.
My pairing for this book was the Tamarind Mojito by @thearborltd. A refreshing drink with just enough tang to keep you alert and refreshed.

I generally love mojitos, simple, minty, citrusy. Just the flavours that my palate enjoys in a drink.
I also love tamarind. I make a mean tamarind bbq oven-baked chicken. And I’m the person always ready to have tamarind juice any day any time, chilled and spiced and preferably on the East African beaches where for some reason the tamarind taste feels especially special, kind of like it was made just for that scene.

A mixture of the two may first seem chaotic until you have it and it’s pleasantly calming and refreshing. I think this variation of #Mojotos as served by @thearborltd is my current fave!

Definitely a book to #Devour

The Drink: Tamarind Mojito
By @thearborltd
Rate: 8/10
Cost: KES 700

The book: The Havoc of Choice
By @shirokoinange sold by @textbookcentre and @thebookbunk
Rate: 9.5/10
Cost: KES 1700

All costs are subject to change and are only a reflection of the cost at the time of purchase.

The Arbor is a beautiful restaurant at 101 Manyani East Road, you can reach them on +254729400291

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