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Devouring Food: Salmon and Mashed Potatoes

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I recently had dinner with my girlie just because and the restaurant we opted for was @artcaffekenya at the garden city mall. My date refused to eat and consumed the Long Island instead but I was all about chasing tastes and living in abundance.

I got the Salmon fillet baked in olive oil, garlic, chilli & fresh herbs served with Mediterranean roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes. Ooooh! This salmon and mashed potatoes slurped!

The mashed potatoes.. top tier creaminess and seasoned to perfection and the salmon was soft and flavourful, and the crunch on that skin was to die for. I can still taste the awesome drunk on the veggies and just writing this post has my mouth watering. This meal is now my go-to meal at this establishment. They always get it right at all their branches in terms of uniformity of food quality.

I’ll be the first to admit that my experiences at their various branches are not uniform. I’ve had some subpar service in some branches and even went as far as feeling unwelcome. I now stick to specific branches and will be caught dead in others. I believe that they have a lot to improve in terms of uniformity and quality of service across board.

The meal cost KES 2190 and was filling and is now a definite fave.

Grateful to have had the opportunity, privilege and capacity to experience this meal.

Just a girl on an adventure with good food, great books and wanderlust.

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