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Devouring Drinks: Fishbowl Cocktails by Spasso

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I love me some cocktails. I find myself gravitating towards cocktails or wine at restaurants, unlike my campus days where we’d get a bottle of something strong to share with my mates. In my search for ambience and a good time, my friends and I found ourselves at Spasso Restaurant in Karen.


Have you had the Fishbowl cocktails from @spasso_ke? They have several options and they also have an offer on #FishbowlFridays for a 1-litre fishbowl cocktail at KES 1500 and a 2-litre fishbowl at KES 2000.

My go-to is always the 2-litre fishbowl and that keeps me both lit and hydrated (the ice) simultaneously. I don’t have a go-to cocktail, I just tell them what base I’d like and the magic happens. The bartender knows exactly what they’re doing with these cocktails because they’re everything and a bag of chips. Potent enough to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth and well-balanced.

I’d also be the one to remind you that you need to hydrate when partaking in these monstrous servings. Kindly Hydrate every time there’s alcohol in front of you. Your body will thank you.


The Drink: Rum Based 2-litre Fishbowl cocktail
By: @spasso_ke.
Rate: 8/10
Cost: KES 2000

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