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Delving into who we are and what we’re up to

Do you ever end up doing things that you’ve been procrastinating on on nights when the sleep has deserted you or do you have a normal sleep schedule? Better yet, are you normal? Let’s dive into the indulgence of devouring Kenya (and beyond)..

Hey there!
I am (Angie) Wambui Kihara (you’ll find me @utopian_fantasy on Instagram and a blog by that same name). I curated this space to share with you my love for good food, delicious indulgence and appreciation of flavour. Do you like to read? I occasionally enjoy indulgence in books and travel. There is some intention to drag along my partner on this little adventure so he might make an apperance or have an opinion here and there. His Name is Arthur Nkalubo. He’s a joy to be around and oh so easy to love. I also intend to drag my friends in every now and then. Fair warning, they may behave unhinged but they always always mean well.

I used to live in Nairobi, Kenya but I recently moved to the village my partner in tow to try our hand at agri-preneurship. Is that whatthe cool-ish kids call it now? I would much rather call it farming and move on. I am or was predominantly a city girl with a green thumb and wanderlust. This has me constantly attacked by the travel bug so I may find myself in your neck of the woods every so often. The closer you are to Nairobi and/or East Africa, the higher the chances of my presence there?.

We, the apartner and I, enjoy driving around (tbh, I much rather would be a passenger princess) with my partner and 4by4 in tow, we often go on adventures off-road to various establishments in search of good food and even better scenery. We cannpt wait to own the ultimate, fully litted and customized defender. Our shared pinterst boards can attest to that.
We always find our zen in nature. I enjoy everything really, so Africa is my jam. He would much rather the woods than the beach, I am yet to fully understand that.

In the process, I hope to get to review the food, and enjoy the company and sometimes the accommodation facilities. If you have these kinda facilities, hit me up and we can work up a way to work together. I am sure my hun and I would not mind.

We love this so much we even created a logo for it. Can you tell we’re just a little bit cheeky?

Indulgence by Devour Ke
A logo portraying our love for playfullness and adventure in the food and fun space

I have a huge soft spot African and Black made products and I occasionally review those every once in a while. In line with @devour.ke, I review the products in the F&B industry and will always point you in the direction of where to go to celebrate my beloved continent.

I love to cook and find it extremely therapeutic. I’m constantly eyeballing or asking the ancestors when to stop when using spices and ingredients but I’m learning how to develop my recipes.

I’m also on a food production adventure, and I’m currently a farm manager at Fantasy Farms, an up-and-coming urban farm where we are passionate about food security and in that regard, we hope to specialise in organic food. We currently grow all manner of vegetables and keep rabbits, pigs, free-range poultry, amongst them chicken, ducks, turkey and guinea fowl. 

Welcome to my/our little space on the internet. Looking forward to celebrating adventures, flavours and deliciousness with you…

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